Yuasa Yucel 7.0-12AH. 12V.7.0AH Rechargeable Battery(Most popular house alarm battery)

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Home Alarm Battery


Most burglar alarm systems include a 24-hour stand-by rechargeable backup battery. This means if there is a power failure (which can happen regularly during winter storms) your burglar alarm system will still function. Having a reliable stand-by battery ensures the efficient operation of your burglar alarm system. After all, your burglar alarm system is only as strong as it's weakest link so don't overlook the importance of the battery.

 Usually when the stand-by  battery, that powers a house alarm in the event of a mains failure, deteriorates, an indication will normally be displayed on the control panel of the alarm system or on the remote keypad, if a keypad is installed. This is the early warning alert to  replace the battery before it deteriorates further and possibly damage the control panel.


Can I replace a lower Amp Hour (AH) battery with a higher one?

 As long as the battery that you are replacing is the same voltage,12V.dc, you can use a higher capacity (higher AH) battery than the original one.  The reverse is also true.  Using a battery with a high AH will maintain and operate the house alarm system, in the event of a mains failure, much longer than a battery with a low AH.  This feature is important if the power frequently goes out or is out for long periods of time.  However, the higher the AH is on a battery, the bigger physical size it will be.  Make sure the dimensions of the new battery will fit in the designated space.  You must also keep in mind that the charge time for a higher Ah battery will be longer than a lower Ah battery.

 What is the lifespan of a burglar alarm battery ?

According to most manufacturer's, the lifespan of a sealed lead-acid security system battery is 3-5 years, but this can vary depending on  certain factors, the conditions and the level of use. Security alarm batteries are designed to act as a back-up to the alarm system in the event of a mains failure. Security system stand-by batteries do not actually power the alarm system but are in place to keep the alarm system active in the event of a mains failure. They are constantly being trickle charged by the alarm control panel so they are constantly kept at full capacity.In the event of a mains failure the alarm system switches to the stand-by battery and draws the power required to keep the alarm system up and running until the mains is restored. With this in mind, it is important to have the alarm control panel,which is the brains of the alarm system, serviced regularly by a qualified alarm engineer to ensure the chargeing circuit is functioning properly.

After all, an alarm system may only be as good as the quality of the battery.

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