Posted by Dan on 13th Sep 2019

What is the Difference between Hiwatch & Hikvision?

What is the Difference between Hiwatch & Hikvision?

Even if it still not commonly known brand name, Hiwatch is now sufficiently developed to familiarize many individuals outside the niche world of CCTV and security. In help of their aggressive financing for research and growth, They are now strongly established as the world's biggest manufacturer of safety cameras with their equipment used in everything from airports to stadiums. Hikvision, however, sells their cameras to installers and tradespeople very specifically, which can create frustrating obstacles for DIY customers who want to buy and set up their own home security systems. This is where they are getting more popular in range of HiWatch CCTV equipment proves to be irreplaceable.

What is HiWatch?

HiWatch is the name given to the most cost-effective range of Hikvision, specifically designed for home use of CCTV and DIY installers. Most professional cameras from Hikvision are sold behind trade-only logins – and those that aren't will be gray market models that they often disable remotely. HiWatch, However, there is no need to go behind a price login to buy by anyone. This makes them perfect to secure your own garden, house, or even small businesses. 

HiWatch Equipment is intended around the same high-resolution imaging and analytics technology as the commercial ranges of Hikvision. However, it does not support the complete variety of intelligent characteristics these cameras boast. So if you need your cameras specifically to use characteristics such as removal of objects, left luggage and detection of intrusion, you'd still have to go for one of the more sophisticated designs.

Here at, we only sell Hikvision as it offers much more features than HiWatch and we're able to offer Hikvision at similar pricing to HiWatch.