Posted by John Tiernan on 20th Sep 2017

Standalone GSM alarm system EPIR3

Standalone GSM alarm system EPIR3

This standalone device can be used by both end users & professionals. It's an extremely easy security device to install and takes less than 5 minutes in total.
It works by alerting designated contracts via SMS / Call / Monitoring Station

All-in-one device

This looks like a standard P.I.R. Device, but has lots of features:

  • Alarm System Sensors with Pet Immunity
  • Integrated Wireless Module
  • Covert Listening via the inbuilt Microphone.
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Battery for back up.
  • Mobile

Control it 24/7

It can be configured 3 ways: USB / Internet / SMS

It can be controlled multiple ways

  • Cloud Service
  • Smartphone App
  • SMS
  • Keyfob
  • Keypad

It can also be programmed for automatic system tasks and has a flexible alarm message management system.

Expand your system.

You can add multiple devices to work in conjunction with this device:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Sirens
  • Door / Window Alarm Sensors
  • Alarm Flood Detectors
  • Alarm Keypads
  • Alarm Key-fobs

How the alerts work?

it will alert up to 10 users in the event of an alarm.

Uses for this device are endless but some its been used by many of our customers as:

  • Wireless Burglar Alarm
    • Caravan
    • Shed
    • Boat
    • Rental House
    • Holiday Home

If you have any other queries don't hesitate to give us a call.