Posted by Kevin Mc Cabe on 20th Sep 2017

CCTV Camera Guidelines

CCTV Cameras

  • Range
  • Resolution
  • Day / Night capabilities
  • Size / Shape
  • System connectivity

What questions should you ask before buying your CCTV Kit?

  • Indoor / Outdoor - Do you require an internal / external CCTV camera?
  • Resolution - How important is the quality of the image to you? Do you just want to see if someone enters a general area or do you need to be able to read number plates?
  • Lighting - What level of lighting is there in the area where the CCTV camera is to be positioned
  • Distance - Do you require to zoom into an area or will a general view suffice

Indoor CCTV vs. Outdoor CCTV

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are normally a compact discrete design. The bracket normally allows for huge versatility in mounting applications. We sell both Indoor and Outdoor Cameras in our store. Please call if you do not see something which suits your requirements.

Box Cameras

Box Cameras offer the versatility of being able to change lens to accommodate many applications whether its wide angles, or narrow zoom points. Although designed for use indoors, with the addition of an external housing they can be mounted outdoors.Please call / email for more information

Hidden Cameras

We sell a wide variety of hidden or "Spy Camers" as they are often referred. To find the cameras which best suits your needs, please contact someone in sales.


Its imperative that a CCTV camera has adequate light to capture images, this can be daylight, electric lights or infra red lights. Although IR cameras will only work when Black / White.

IR - Infrared Illumination

Day/Night Cameras

Day Nights Cameras are the most commonly used cameras today as they utilize colour during the day and automatically switch to black and white at night or when light levels reduce.Distance

Camera TypeDifferent situations or applications require different cameras. Its always recomended to go for Vandal Proof Bullets / Dome Cameras when installing outside CCTV Systems. Hidden Camers are normally pin-hole PCB camers which are installed unsuspectingly in Smoke Alarms / Alarm Clocks / PIRs Etc.Bullet CamerasBullet Camera can be mounted on walls / celings / poles. They type of bullet camers will depend on whether its for indoor / outdoor applications. areas with no light at all, IR Cameras can be installed and can still capture High Res images. ost modern camers have IR LEDs which are situated around the lens and emit a light which the image sensor on the camera can capture.This camera allows to see up to 60m in darkness Bullet Camera 650TVL Long Distance

For most CCTV installs, distance inst an issue for 90% of the cameras to be installed. Some cases where distance becomes an issue is when customers want to focus in on cars waiting at the entrance gates.In general, a small focal lenght will provide for your requirements as it will give you wider coverage.An Example below If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.