CCTV DVR Frequently Asked Questions


What DVR - Digital Video Recorder Features do I need?

First you need to decide what CCTV DVR best suits your requirements;

  • Do you need 4 or 8 or 16 Cameras?
  • How many FPS - frames per second?
  • Compression Technology?
  • Amount of Storage - do you require it to keep video for 1 week or 3 months?
  • Remote Viewing - View your CCTV remotely via Iphone / Internet?


Frames Per Second - What is it?

This is how many frames or pictures the CCTV DVR will take in a second, the higher the FPS the better the image quality.


How much storage do I require - Hard Disk Size?

The length of storage depends on allot of factors;

  • Amount of Cameras
  • The Quality of the Image - 30 FPS requirements more storage than 10 FPS
  • The Compression Format - This is how small the CCTV can compress the images without loosing quality.


How does a CCTV DVR work?

A DVR is basically a computer that saves CCTV Images to a hard disk. Most modern security systems use DVR to store images as it has many advantages over the old VHS Models.


Are DVR's hard to install?

 The simple answer to this is no, you simply connect the cameras into the back of the DVR unit and it will work. 

You will have to set the time and date initially, and depending on exactly what you want to gain from your system, more programming may be required.


What comes with the DVR?

Our DVR's come with a range of Hard Drives from 500gb upwards.

If you go for a standalone DVR, it will simply come with the power cable, instruction manual and software.

If you decided to buy one of our kits, it will come with all of the above plus your specified cameras, cables and power suppliers for the cameras.

The DVR's do not have internet cables which are required to connect it to your broadband if you require remote viewing. These cables can be bought in our shop.

How do I see video from a remote site?

You can view your CCTV from nearly any location in the world one you have a broadband connection.

Most of our DVR's can be viewing on an Internet Browser, smart mobile phone or Ipads

You will require an ethernet  cable to connect your DVR to a broadband router to remotely access DVR.