Camera FAQ


  Which CCTV technology should I use for my installation?

Bellow are our explanations along with the pros and cons of each system.



-High definition quality.

-Easy CAT5 cabling.

-Can use an existing IT network.

-Good choice for IT professionals who know what they are doing.


-More expensive than analogue.

-Limited designs as such new technology .

-Requires networking knowledge for set up .

-No single worldwide IP standard as yet,although ONVIF 2 isgetting better .

- Can suffer from network interruptions and delays (shared resources,ie LAN)

-Not cross compatible with analogue equipment .

-Large hard drives required for storing recording.





-Uses existing RG59 &CAT5 type cables 

-High definition megapixel surveillance.

-Up the co-ax telemetry available.

-Some DVRs (alienMEGAHero)take TVI,analogue &IP cameras for an easy upgrade path.

-High resistance to EMI so lossless .

-Non proprietal so fast becoming an industry standard with wide choice available.

-Closed system so reduce cyber attack risks.


-Higher quality so large bandwidth used .

-Higher quality so more HDD space used .

-New technology so limited designs available .